[Cultural experience] VR is surprisingly easy to play. Vtuber experience

The event of [GO! HONGO!] That finished all dates safely the other day. On this page, we will report on the Cultural Experience held during this period!

This time we will introduce you to [Vtuber Experience].

Vtuber, which has become very popular in the past few years, is a term that means to people who post videos with the appearance of characters.
Maybe unfamiliar people have no idea what to do, but this program was very easy.

All we need to do was attach a VR (Virtual Reality) machine to our head and both hands!

All we had to do was move our body and the characters on the screen will move with us.

This character was provided by Side Ranch Inc. She is AkiparaAruno(アキパラあるの). ”

Usually, she introduces Akihabara as mascot, but anyone can become she.

When we plaid as a cute character, we would naturally spill smiles.
It was a very enjoyable experience using the latest technology, and many people wanted to play more.
If you are interested in VR world, play at the facilities where you can experience.

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