[Cultural experience] Let’s dance super cool Otagei with a authority on it lecturer. Otagei experience

The event of [GO! HONGO!] That finished all dates safely the other day. On this page, we will report on the Cultural Experience held during this period!

This time, we will introduce… [Ota Gei].

Ota Gei is a dance style that originated from the support art of idol live venues.
This time, we invited “Pelican” from the performance team “Ginyu forcE” as a lecturer.
Speaking of otagei, a glowing stick, a dance of shaking a psyllium … I only knew about knowledge, but looking at the example, it was completely different from imagination.
First, he would give us an example. In this program, our goal was dancing Hatsune Miku’s Senbonzakura.

Lecturer showed us very sharp dance.
We were skeptical that everyone would be able to do it …
At first glance it seemed impossible, but each part was not so difficult and we were able to learn little by little thanks to careful instruction.

Practice sweats more than you think. With a break on the way, it became the last part practice.
With lecturer’s endorsement, we finally taked psyllium and Let’s start music! (Care for volume)

It was not perfect, but it was impressive that everyone could dance.
I saw many nice smiles with good sweat.

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