【Experience report】Takasakiya

Finally the “GO! HONGO!” Project has begun!

We have two events we can enjoy until the 27th, such as Japanese culture experience at a long-established ryokan in Hongo, Bunkyo Ward, and food and souvenir experiences at local shops in Hongo.
(Product exchange at the shop is until 31st)

This article introduces the participating local shops and their experiences ♪


A long-established brewery that has existed in Hongo since the Edo period.

The “GO! HONGO!” poster is pasted in the shop!!

On the 23rd, with the cooperation of Takasakiya, we held the “Kikizake experience” at the Homeikan Morikawa Bekkan.

The following six types of liquor have been experienced by everyone this time.

・Sparkling Sake Shichiken Yamanokasumi(Yamanashi)
・Doburoku(Embarrassing) Tenryou(Gifu)
・Junmai Ginjo sake Dewazakura Dewasansan Birth anniversary(Yamagata)
・Yamahai Junmai Raw sake Yukinobousha(Akita)
・Junmai Daiginjo Eikun(Kyoto)
・kijoshu Masuizukmi(Toyama)

There is rarely an opportunity to compare so much alcohol at once!

The participants were also keen to ask the Takasakiya staff about their sake.

All the people in the hall became tipsy with six delicious drinks, and the participants who just met each other are getting excited.
The power of sake is great!

Takasakiya is redeeming a set of sake (300 ml) and a snack to everyone who is purchasing “GO! HONGO!” Smartphone tickets until March 30th! (Closed on March 31st.)
If you haven’t redeemed your ticket at the shop yet, get a good drink and snack at Takasakiya!!

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