【Experience report】Morikawa Suisan Uoyasu

TOKYO Ryokan brand planning “GO! HONGO!” Will begin this week.

The experience of Japanese culture at a long-established ryokan in Hongkyo, Bunkyo-ku, and twice-a-day delicious events will be held around local shops in Hongo.

Prior to the event, I would like to introduce the local shops that I participated in this time and their experiences.


【Morikawa Suisan Uoyasu】

A drink at a fish shop? A standing bar with sashimi.

Morikawa Suisan Uoyasu is located just a short walk down the slope from the Homeikan Morikawa Annex.

The snacks and sashimi are lined up in a series of showcases that are immediately visible from the entrance, making it a one-pack package!

We have you stamp stamp in store and are experience start!


The contents of the experience at Uoyasu

“One drink (sake, soft drink) + assorted sashimi”

Drinks are for canned beverages in the showcase and soft drinks.


You can also choose some very cold beer. Sake is lined up, but there is an extra charge this time!

While choosing alcohol, the shopkeeper prepares the sashimi.

Three kinds of fresh sashimi are brought to the table and they are ready to eat.

I will choose Gold Ebisu Beer!

Showcase snacks and fried food also look delicious.

This can be purchased separately as well as sake!

In the evening, mothers shopping for dinner and customers who are waiting for drinks will gather.

Conversation with nature was born, and the inside of the shop was warm and friendly.

Maybe your hand will stretch out for a pleasant conversation and the temptation of a side dish in front of you.


Available time of stamp is from 14:00.

The contents of sashimi change depending on the stocking of the day, so it may be fun to ask what kind of fish it is!

It is also recommended for foreigners who want to interact with the local people in Japanese.

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