【Experience report】Oogiya

TOKYO Ryokan brand planning “GO! HONGO!” Will begin this week.

The experience of Japanese culture at a long-established ryokan in Hongkyo, Bunkyo-ku, and twice-a-day delicious events will be held around local shops in Hongo.

Prior to the event, I would like to introduce the local shops that I participated in this time and their experiences.



Beautiful to the eyes, delicious in the mouth! Please enjoy the world of Japanese sweets that feel the season✩

It’s an intellectual spot that can not be removed in the Bunkyo City Hongo area “The University of Tokyo”.

Among them, the long-established Japanese-style confectionery shop in front of the famous “Akamon” is “Oogiya” founded in 1950.

In this event, you can exchange a set of two popular spring confectionery “Hanagouro” and “Seasonal fresh sweets”!

Seasonal fresh sweets are rich in variety and all tastes are different!

When wondering which one to use, please choose the pin and the one by appearance ♪

The back is “Hanagoromo” with a white miso sauce and burdock wrapped in a bowl. The front is a pair of Japanese sweets.

Other than that, the gradation of the feathers is a beautiful bird …

The exam season is over, and the image of the red rice of the pass celebration is also!

As you can put it in the box firmly, you can take it home safely!

It’s a great value souvenir because it is a set with Japanese culture experience!

However, the shelf life of confectionery is slightly short. Enjoy with your dark tea at home.


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