【Experience report】Café Rouault

TOKYO Ryokan brand planning “GO! HONGO!” Will begin this week.

The experience of Japanese culture at a long-established ryokan in Hongkyo, Bunkyo-ku, and twice-a-day delicious events will be held around local shops in Hongo.

Prior to the event, I would like to introduce the local shops that I participated in this time and their experiences.


【Café Rouault】

Enjoy the atmosphere of an old-fashioned shop, founded in 1952, and the same taste of curry and coffee.

Not only the appearance of the shop, but also the entrance door has a very good atmosphere!

Good smell coming in fragrant when entering the shop … ♪
Yes, it is the aroma of the famous “Ceylon-style curry”!

Seats by the window also come in natural light and have a slightly warm and friendly atmosphere.

The chair whose back is designed to have a coffee cup is also tasteful and cute ♪

You can get popular “Ceylon-style curry (with mini-sized drink)” at Café Rouault in exchange for stamps.

Immediately, when you get stamped and wait at your seat …

Ceylon-style curry came soon! ! ! ! !

Lous poured a lot of spice smell is exciting! The taste is for adults who are a little hot.

Both potatoes and meat with a sense of presence are soft enough to break apart with a spoon!

Aside from Fukujin pickles and round-cut radish, it also softens and soothes the hot taste of the mouth.

Many old-fashioned fans, nostalgic taste of curry somewhere with a sense of stability, is sure to finish eating quickly!!

After-meal drinks can be chosen from four types of coffee, iced coffee, tea and vegetable juice of demitas size.

The seats on the second floor are also bright and spacious ♪

It’s also known as a shop where art lovers gather. Art posters and miniature displays are displayed here and there.

Especially at the graduation ceremony of the University of Tokyo, it is a popular store that many customers visit, saying “Remember the memories I had while attending school!”

Please be aware that you may be waiting for a while during busy times.☆

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