【Experience report】Ishokudokoro Mei

TOKYO Ryokan brand planning “GO! HONGO!” Will begin this week.

The experience of Japanese culture at a long-established ryokan in Hongkyo, Bunkyo-ku, and twice-a-day delicious events will be held around local shops in Hongo.

Prior to the event, I would like to introduce the local shops that I participated in this time and their experiences.


【Ishokudokoro Mei】

The store manager’s favorite local sake, or sashimi platter! The ultimate choice! ?

The location of Ishokudokoro Mei is marked by the light that suddenly emerges through the residential area and the five lanes of Hongo.

Through warmth, a counter seat with a view of the boardroom and a large table with a single board appear.

Labels of local sake tightly packed on the wall! The brand name is selected only by the manager of the master liquor master.

And this time, you can choose either “Sake 3 types of sake compared with set” or “Omakase sashimi 2 points”!

The kind of local sake is left to the manager! There may be a new encounter there.

*The photograph is an image.

Sashimi too shiny!

I’m having trouble with alcohol or sashimi, either!

Besides, a snack menu is also introduced in the store of Ake Iori, but all looks delicious.

We exchange liquor with stamp and order snacks separately! It is also recommended that you enjoy how it works!


As it is a popular shop, depending on the time you may be waiting for your guide for congestion.

Please note that both local sake and sashimi will be left with the manager on the day.

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