【Experience report】Jikabaisen Coffee Ann

Finally the “GO! HONGO!” Project has begun!

We have two events we can enjoy until the 27th, such as Japanese culture experience at a long-established ryokan in Hongo, Bunkyo Ward, and food and souvenir experiences at local shops in Hongo.
(Product exchange at the shop is until 31st)

This article introduces the participating local shops and their experiences ♪

【Jikabaisen Coffee Ann】

Coffee Ann is a cafe that boasts delicious home-cooked coffee and coffee beans that are loved by the locals.

There is a roaster at the entrance.

This coffee shop with a variety of sandwiches, gratin, sweets and food menus that are friendly to the body, as well as in-house with a special roasted coffee.
Above all, it has no doubt that the “dried coffee”, which is rich in aroma and flavor and smooth in taste, is addicted to its taste as soon as it is drinken!
The homemade hot cake made after receiving an order is a sign menu that a hot cake fan in Tokyo can attend by burning a fluffy plump like a picture.

With this “GO! HONGO!” Smartphone ticket, you can enjoy a set of Matcha roll cake and Coffee Ann’s blend from among these many popular sweets!

It will be redeemed by smartphone ticket until 31st, so please enjoy it.

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