【Experience report】Kawachiya Saketen

Finally the “GO! HONGO!” Project has begun!

We have two events we can enjoy until the 27th, such as Japanese culture experience at a long-established ryokan in Hongo, Bunkyo Ward, and food and souvenir experiences at local shops in Hongo.
(Product exchange at the shop is until 31st)

This article introduces the participating local shops and their experiences ♪

【Kawachiya Saketen】

123 years in Hongo. It’s a great store where you can find your favorite sake.

The large number of drinks are displayed in the large store!

Kawachiya Saketen held the go-to-drink sake experience event where you can drink sake in the shop as a “GO! HONGO!” Japanese cultural experience event.

When you enter the shop, there are five types of liquor space where you can drink!

After having the commentary of each liquor to the shop, it’s the quick taste sake time!
In addition to delicious sake, you can also enjoy snacks!
Choko was brought back as a souvenir from Japan.

Customers who came from Sweden said that they liked wine, so Junmai Daiginjo was a favorite Japanese wine.
It’s unique to a liquor store that you can find a drink that suits that person.

In addition to this event, Kawauchiya Hotel can redeem one set of sake and snacks until March 30 to those who bought the smartphone ticket.
(There is also a possibility that the goods change depending on the stocking situation)

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