【Japanese Cultural Experience】Chinton Shan! Shamisen performance experience

The event of [GO! HONGO!] That finished all dates safely the other day. On this page, we will report on the Japanese Cultural Experience held during this period!


【The shamisen performance experience】

They checked the origin of the name and the name of the parts first of all the shamisen given one by one.

A relatively new type of shamisen as culture. The size and tone are different depending on the difference from Okinawa’s Sanshin and the region.

The image of the bright performance of Tsugaru Shamisen such as Nagashi and Geiko, Rakugo’s back performers and Yoshida brothers even in Japanese.

When you actually set it up, you cant than you thought! Suffering without getting used to how to hold repellent …! !

The teachers taught me very carefully!

It feels so good that the sound comes out clearly!

He taught me how to hold the strings and how to read the score, and we all played “Sakura Sakura”.

It’s strange that you will hear a full-fledged performance when you give the teacher accompaniment!

If it’s the original lesson, you will be able to play it more and more strictly in time.

The end is listening to the wonderful performance of the teachers and finished!

It was a very valuable time to see performances so close and to actually touch the instruments, as even the Japanese rarely do.

By the way, I was too happy to play for the first time, and my wrist was hurting well.

It seems that teachers usually have a shamisen class, so if you are interested, how are you?

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