【Japanese Cultural Experience】Essential to Tokyo festivals! Edodaiko Experience!

The event of [GO! HONGO!] That finished all dates safely the other day. On this page, we will report on the Japanese Cultural Experience held during this period!

【Edodaiko(Edo Drum) Experience】

A drum that you want to dance involuntarily, that is the stylish drum of Edo-mae.
In the Hongo and Yushima districts, there has been a drum performance that has roots in it, including the bon drums that are held in the period of the Obon in the land where drums have been popular for a long time.
This time, you can experience such Tokyo drums!

It is said that the tone and technology of traditional Edo drums that have continued since the Edo period in Hongo have been handed down along with local festivals.
Recently, however, the number of fittings has decreased, and how to connect that tradition seems to be an issue.

This time I was able to actually experience two drums, “Miya Taiko” and “Kan Taiko”.
The larger “Miya Taiko” seems to be made by drilling one tree.
In addition, the smaller ones are made by sandwiching something like a bag between the skin and the skin, and it is said that how to make such drums can be seen all over the world.

It is kind to the teacher, and sometimes brave performances surround the inn.
It is also Edo Taiko style that there is an expression that makes one turn during the performance and turns the repellent round.
There are only two sounds of drums: “Don”, which strikes the skin (in the drum face), and “K,” which strikes the edge.
The other is to make variations by putting strength and changing the way of hitting.

The customer actually beats the drum according to the teacher’s guidance.
If you try it than it looks, it will be quite difficult.
But when you match the rhythm with “Dondon Cuck” with your mouth and body, it will gradually be made.

And, according to the rhythm of the drum, I also experience the Japanese dance.
Dance “Tokyo Ondo”. It is quite difficult until you get used to it too! But fun!

If you dance along with the “dressing” experience held at the same time, you will have a quick time slip into the Japanese summer festival!!
It was a time when all the customers who had been at this place were able to enjoy the Japanese culture by bringing the “heart” to one.

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