【Japanese Cultural Experience】Feel free to visit the Japanese culture “Cha no Yu” that lasts for over 400 years. Tea ceremony experience!

The event of [GO! HONGO!] That finished all dates safely the other day. On this page, we will report on the Japanese Cultural Experience held during this period!

【Tea experience】

The lord welcomes the guests, and the guests share the heart of the tea ceremony by giving thanks for the hospitality of the lord.
It is this tea ceremony experience that you can feel free to experience such Japanese culture that lasts for over 400 years.

There are a lot of tea ceremony manners, but at first no one knows.
This time they will relax without putting on their shoulders and elbows to serve as a tea, and experience both hearts that appreciate the hospitality.

First of all, for the other party facing each other, they will actually make tea using a teacup made of bamboo.
They are nervous, but the trick is to move the wrists and the wrists quickly.

If they give a cup of tea, then they will experience the hospitality.

They have delicious sweets and green tea. It is a time of bliss.

It was an experience where you could learn the spirit of “one-in-one-on-a-day”, where the best hospitality for the first time they meet.

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