【Japanese Cultural Experience】This is a sake culture unique to Japan. Experience the “striking” liquor experience at Kawachiya!

The event of [GO! HONGO!] That finished all dates safely the other day. On this page, we will report on the Japanese Cultural Experience held during this period!

【Hand-made liquor experience (Kawachiya)】

This experience is the experience of jumping out the inn.
It is a key sake experience event held in the store of Kawachiya, a well-known store where you can find your favorite sake that lasts for 123 years in Hongo.

You usually drink at home after drinking alcohol at a liquor store.
However, in Japan, there has always been a style of “striking” that you can drink in a liquor store.
This time, it is a specially made liquor experience in the “corner” style.

There is an explanation about the liquor that you can receive from the shop owner this time.
It is also a unique experience to be able to hear a detailed explanation of alcohol directly.

They are allowed to pour it into a glass.
Tense liquor which is surrounded by a lot of liquor, tension improves, too! !

This favorite sake lineup!! All are really delicious.

There was a preparation for the snacks here!!

It is also unique to liquor stores that snacks that suit alcohol will come out.
If you like it, you can buy it on the spot!

Customers who participated were also exposed to courteous explanations from the shopkeeper and warm humanity, and it was a great day!

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