【Japanese Cultural Experience】Origin is in Heian period. The amazing Daikagura experience unfolded in front of you!

The event of [GO! HONGO!] That finished all dates safely the other day. On this page, we will report on the Japanese Cultural Experience held during this period!

【Daikagura experience】

It is said that it is an ancient Edo period, and furthermore it is said to have originated from the Heian period.
It is a divine event and brings happiness to customers who are watching it.

Speaking of Daikagura, a typical program is “Shishimai”, but since Shishi dance is played by two people, it starts from the handball of Shishi dance this time!
You can see the traditional Japanese juggling art not to drop it! !

Then, one customer who sees is nominated.
Customers are pouring juice into the glass as the teacher says.
What the hell starts …! ?

She put a glass of juice on a slender rod and she started to put that rod on my chin! !
Even though I think “I’m dangerous!”, she put a stick on a thin string, turn a glass, etc. … an impossible scene before her eyes! !
While applauding, applause from the audience from the venue! !

This is the “Nanjaku ball blind” that changes its shape to the song.
After the demonstration of the teacher, tell the “knack” to the customer, and it’s time for production!
The snuff has changed into the shape of a batch “bridge”! !

Ultimately, it is an acrobatics of an umbrella famous for its great seats in Japan such as New Year’s Day.
She turn various goods on the umbrella.
Customers also experienced it, and it was a great event.

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