★How to buy the ticket★

Tickets can be purchased from here.
You need a smartphone to use the ticket, so we recommend purchasing on your smartphone.
(You can buy tickets on your computer, but be sure to receive ticket emails on your smartphone.)
Click here for the list of tickets

1.Tap the “Purchase tickets” button.

2.Select the number of tickets to purchase.

3.Tap the “Confirm the terms and conditions below, and proceed” button.

4.Please enter the following contents.
Check “I consent to the handling of my personal information”
[mei]…Enter your first name.
[sei]…Enter your last name.
[Contact e-mail address][Contact e-mail address(for confarmation)]…Enter your email address to receive purchase confirmation email.
[Contact telephone number]…Enter your phone number.
[Country / Region of residence] …Select your country.
5.Tap the “Proceed to confirm purchase details” button.

6.Check if the personal information you entered is correct.

7.”Credit card number (no hyphen)””Expiration date””Security code”
8.Check the “I will bring my smartphone with me to the facillity on the day I use my ticket(s).”, and tap the “Purchase” button.