The tour starts at the Morikawa Annex of the Homeikan Ryokan and travels through the antique book store district and cafe-filled neighborhoods before arriving at Tokyo University. See the 350-year-old Kingyoya Goldfish shop and the pawnshop that was frequented by Ichiyo Higuchi in the Kikuzaka area, connected to so many literary greats. Experience the elegant townscapes and the distinctive hilly roads of the region, untouched by earthquakes and war. Cultivated in the shadow of the University, Hongo is full of cultural assets and resources.

Homeikan Morikawa Bekkan→Coffee Shop&Old bookstore town→Todai Akamon(Tokyo Univ. Red Gate)→Kingyozaka→Old Iseya Pawnshop→Homeikan Honkan→Homeikan Morikawa Bekkan→