★Information for GO! HONGO! participation ticket★

In order to join in the cultural experience program, you need to purchase an advantageous “meal and souvenir electronic ticket”!
How to use is easy ♪ Select and purchase your favorite shop ticket from the cooperating shop on this page ⇒ Just show the ticket screen and get a stamp!
To participate in “GO! HONGO! Cultural Experience Program”, purchase an “electronic ticket for meals and souvenirs” at the following nearby stores such as Hongo and Akihabara.
If you tap each store name below, a menu of tickets and a link to the purchase page will appear, please purchase at the link.
Buy one or more of your favorite tickets to participate in all of the cultural experience programs from February 15th to 16th.
* Please note that if you have reached the maximum number of participants, you may not be able to participate in the desired experience.
>>How to buy the ticket.
>>How to use the ticket.
Tickets can be used from February 1 to 29, but some stores may not be available on regular holidays or temporary closure.

[Shops in Hongo area (Tap the store name to see the ticket menu and a link to the purchase page)]

Ishokudokoro Mei

Café Rouault


Morikawa Suisan Uoyasu

Jikanbaisen Coffee Ann

Kawachiya Saketen


[Shops in Akihabara area (Tap the store name to see the ticket menu and a link to the purchase page)]


Curry Restaurant BENGAL

Gaming Café Akihabara Syukaijo

Cosplay Izakaya LittleBSD

Nadeshiko Sushi


OL Café and Bar 8style

Maid Café Tougenkyo

Nano lab Akihabara

Train Izakaya LittleTGV

Maid manipulative salon Your-maiden

Nagomi style cafe AKIBA