In a quiet residential area, you can be intoxicated with delicious salmon and sake.

●Business hours:Lunch Time (Weekday) From 11:30AM to 2PM / Dinner Time (Everyday)From 5PM to 12PM
●Regular holiday:Irregular holiday
●Address:6-14-3, Hongo, Bunkyo city ●TEL:03-3811-2254

■The ticket that can be used at Ishokudokoro Mei

Ishokudokoro Mei <Local sake enjoy set>& Japanese old & new cultural experience ticket voucher JPY1,500

A set of three delicacies and three kinds of local sake.

You can choose between a local drink sample set (3 kinds) or a platter of 2 kinds of sashimi.
 Goods change by the stock situation. In addition, depending on the crowded situation, you may not be able to give notice.
Only for those over 20 years old.