In a quiet residential area, you can be intoxicated with delicious salmon and sake.

●Business hours:From 9AM to 5PM
●Regular holiday:Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays
●Address:4-26-8, Hongo, Bunkyo city ●TEL:03-3814-7059

■The ticket that can be used at Matsushin

Matsushin<Three of your favorite Senja-Fuda>& Japanese old & new cultural experience ticket voucher JPY700

Senja-Fuda comes from sticking your name on the wish when visiting a temple or shrine. You can actually see it at old shrines. Each piece is manually created by woodblock printing. Kanji is printed in large size on the bill.
Three of your favorite Senja-Fuda
 Please choose from “Set of 2 color and 1 monochrome” or “Set of 2 color and 1 Senja-Fuda sticker”.